A one page, brief overview of the Bible
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God created the heavens and the earth.  The Bible clearly shows that God has chosen to give human kind dominion over God's creation. Everything worked perfectly as long as human kind followed God's instructions. When they didn't follow God's instructions and did not take responsibility for their actions (repent), they were no longer in direct communication with God. As a result all of creation started to decay and no longer worked as God intended.  The rest of the Bible is about the sin (disobedience) of our forefathers, as well as ourselves, and God's plan to restore all of humankind to the Life He had originally intended. *

Things got so bad that God decided to destroy all life on earth, but Noah listened to God and did everything just as God commanded. As a result Noah, his three sons, and their wives survived to start anew. Abraham listened to God, obeyed, and went to the Promised Land "even though he did not know where he was going."  Moses listened to God and lead God's people out of Egypt toward the Promised Land. **

Jesus Christ is God in human form to take sin (disobedience) from the world (John chapter 1). Throughout the Epistles Paul talks of people who listen to God and live according to God's Word as being recreated into the Body of Christ. They are set free to serve one another God works through people to restore all of creation-so it will work again as God originally intended.

Much of the technology we take for granted today was pure science fiction less than two centuries ago (in some cases much less), such as: automobiles, airplanes, space craft, electrical appliances, radio, television, the Internet and thousands of other items we use every day! Therefore it stands to reason that things that seem to be science fiction today may be commonplace a thousand years from now, such as: a recreated heaven & earth, a very large space station, life with God, peace, resurrection of the dead, eternal life, etc. 

So we look forward, equipped to serve, as did the saints of old (Hebrews chapter 11). By working together, prepared to tell others the reason for our hope, we walk as Jesus did, without distractions, because we are looking forward to the new (restored) heaven and earth

Information about the transition to a new era was sent to churches nearly 2000 years ago. God's Word is unsealed though spirituality, terrorism, famine, death, yearning for justice, nuclear war, people serving God, and silenceGod's people are separated as trumpets call God's people to a place prepared for them

The trumpet calls are in the form of a series of calamities that; kill vegetation, destroy creatures & ships in the ocean, kill people through polluted water, darken the sky, torture people, and kill a third of mankind. During the trumpet calls: a series of Woes are called out; a scroll is presented proclaiming that the mystery of God will be accomplished with the seventh trumpet; and, two witnesses prophesy for 1260 days. During the seventh trumpet call God's temple in heaven is opened.

At this point in the transition it appears that the Philadelphia-type of people are no longer on earth. The Smyrna-type of people are busy on earth helping others overcome while the dragon, leopard beast and lamb beast are on the earth leading people astray.  Those who have overcome are on Mount Zion, which maybe the forerunner of the New Jerusalem.

Three angles proclaim the gospel then the earth is harvested with a sharp sickle destroying disobedience through God's wrath. The abominations of the earth have been destroyed. Hallelujah

*God works through people (imperfect people) to establish "The Kingdom of God."
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