Executive Overview of the Holy Bible

The Executive Overview of the Holy Bible is a 7 chapter overview of the Bible that can be very powerful in helping a person understand LIFE, as it is intended to be lived.  The seven chapters include: the first 3 chapters of Geneses; the first chapter of John, the 11th chapter of Hebrews and the last 2 chapters of the Bible--Revelation chapter 21 & 22. 

You can read these 7 chapters in your own Bible or in this PDF file.  There are 5,625 words in the PDF file, so you can read all 7 chapters in less than a half hour. 

For group study there is a Leaders Guide to aid in discussion.  There are several pages in the Leaders Guide, so go to the bottom right corner of the page for a link to the next page.  A few suggestions for group leader preparation are on the index page.

If you are reading the 7 chapters by yourself, you may wish to refer to the Leaders Guide to guide you in understanding how everything fits together.