Executive Overview of the Holy Bible – Leader’s Guide

The Executive Overview of the Holy Bible can be a very powerful Bible Study.  So it is very important that the leader is well prepared.

  1. First, as a leader, pray that you are acting according to the Will of God. 

  2. If you are a layperson, make sure the pastor/priest is committed to backing up your efforts.  If you are the pastor/priest, make sure the church council is informed of this activity and they support the Bible Study.

  3. If there is a prayer chain in your congregation, ask them to pray for you and all participants in the study.

  4. Plan a time and place to conduct the Bible Study.  The amount of time to go through the study, depends partly on how active the participants are in discussing the various issues raised.  It takes less than a half hour to read the 7 chapters, but at least an hour can be spent discussing the first chapter alone.  If done as a seminar, consider a 4 hour session.  If done an hour at a time, consider 4-1 hour sessions.

  5. Personally contact people who you think will be interested in the Bible Study and recruit them to contact those they know.  Place an invitation in church newsletter, Sunday bulletin, web site, overhead video, etc., but do not expect very many to respond to this type of an invitation--personal invitations are best.

  6. Read the 7 chapters yourself several times as well as the Leaders Guide.  Prepare any supplemental information that you believe is relevant.

  7. Get going...

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