Exploration and Dispersal Throughout the Universe?

God calls obedient human kind to "fill the earth" (Genesis 1:28).  Perhaps a more accurate translation is "fill the universe!"  If we are to have similar responsibilities in God's creation as blood in our bodies, then human beings will explore and disperse throughout the universe.  To work in the universe and take care of it, similar to Adam and Eve in the garden (Genesis 2:15).

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What is the function of blood in a developing embryo?  Human beings are likely to have a similar function in the continuing development of God's creation -- the universe.

If people disperse throughout the universe, then relatively few may be in the space station at any one time, therefore the size of the space station may not have to be increased due to the large number of people.  If people are moving constantly as they fulfill their mission, then policies regarding property ownership may change also.