We Are A Model 

Now think about the whole universe developing similar to the development of a human embryo.  Think of the development of a human embryo as a model for the development of the whole universe.  

The model (a human embryo) is not a miniature replica of the universe.  Instead, the model is believed to be nearly identical to the universe in concept.  Each element or function in the model has a parallel element or function in the universe.

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Computers are regularly used to model various phenomenon -- flooding along a river for example.  There is very little, if any, resemblance between a computer and a river.  But a computer can predict flood stages along a river based on rainfall on various areas of land that drain into the river.  In a similar manner, human beings may have little, if any, resemblance to the whole universe, but the development of a human embryo can be used to model (to predict) the development of the universe.  Embryos were programmed by The Word of God -- at creation!!