New Source of Energy and Waste Disposal?

Prayer is a method used by God to provide for us today.  Repentance and forgiveness is a process of getting rid of waste in our life.  At some time in the future we may also find a literal source of energy and waste disposal provided by God.


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If the embryo theory proves to be an accurate guide to the continued development of God's creation, then at some time in the future we should see the development of a placenta.  A place God gives us to obtain what ever we need to carry out God's mission for us and a place to deposit the garbage we collect along the way. 

Several decades ago Einstein showed us that there was a great deal of energy in matter -- in all matter, not just radioactive matter.  There is a good chance that someday soon someone will show us how to liberate energy from ordinary matter with very little, if any, radiation -- perhaps with a radiation level similar to that emitted by an ordinary television set produced before 2000.  Obtaining energy in this manner however would be like cannibalizing the universe, and can not continue forever.

Therefore some time in the future, human beings may discover a source of power provided by God to allow us to continue the development of God's universe according to His Word.  If the development of a placenta next to a developing embryo is an accurate model, then God will be providing us with a literal method of getting rid of our garbage also!