The Embryo Concept
A Theory About The Development Of Our Universe

"Then God said, 'Let us make man in our image, in our likeness...'" (Genesis 1:24).  We are created in the image of God!  

Think about it: Conception begins when two microscopic pieces of genetic code (in reproductive cells) combine to form one.  Some scientists call this genetic code "the word" that guides the development of an embryo.  In humans, the embryo becomes an offspring that may eventually weigh a hundred to 200 or more pounds!

"And God said" is repeated several times in the first chapter of Genesis.  Everything in our universe was conceived by The Word of God!  


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We Are A Model 

Time Scale: 1 Day = 1,000 Years 

Function Of Blood = Our Responsibility 

We Are In This Together! 

Only The Beginning Of Understanding!!  

Unprecedented Period of Research and Discovery? 

Exploration and Dispersal Throughout the Universe? 

New Source of Energy and Waste Disposal? 

New Methods of Transportation? 

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