The New Era
The Millennium (1000 Years)

In this part of our Bible outline, we will focus on the heart (circulatory system) of God's creation and the building up of the heart (the body of Christ) during the New Era.*


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Lets assume that once we get into a New Era, everything is not as we expected.  Now what?  History shows us that we humans are always expecting things to happen faster / different from what God does.  Since the time of Abraham, God's people seem to have had a fixation on a specific piece of real estate.  God's idea of real estate seems to be much bigger than that of human kind.  God claims ownership of everything in the universe, and if He has a fixation on any one area, it is on the hearts of human kind.  He is looking for willing, eager, loving hearts.

*The new era we are transitioning into is assumed to be the 1000-year millennium of Revelation chapter 20 as anticipated by some theologians for nearly 2000 years.

See the September 2007 addendum on the What's Next page.