Think of the Holy Bible as one, whole book. The first and last two chapters provide the framework for the rest of the book. The third chapter tells us how we got into our present predicament.

In the first two chapters: God is the Creator. We are created with a purpose. We have LIFE. We are given responsibilities. God has given us everything we need.

In the third chapter: Relationship is based on obedience (and possibly a knowledge of what is important). Note, the Tree of Life was not removed from the garden. Its fruit was NOT sought out...nor consumed. Human kind begins an existence separated from easy access to the Tree of Life.

In the last two chapters: The Tree of Life becomes the River of Life. LIFE is restored! The human predicament outlined throughout the rest of the Holy Bible has come to an end. Note how God provides life, in several forms, throughout the Holy Bible...such as outlined in the first chapter of John.  Want to know more?  Study the Bible.

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