Every Man Did That Which Was Right In His Own Eyes
(Book of Judges)

"...the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord...the Lord handed them over to raiders who plundered them...  Then the Lord raised up judges who saved them out of the hands of the raiders...as long as the judge lived...  But when the judge died, the people returned to ways even more corrupt than those of their fathers...  They refused to give up their evil practices and stubborn ways. (2:11-19).

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Baal & Ashtoreth Worship

The Israelites (influenced by people living around them) worshiped several different gods.  Baal & Ashtoreth Worship included extravagant orgies and sacrifice of children.  See 2 Kings 17:16-17, 23:5-7, Jeremiah 19:4-6 (especially verse 5), and 32:35.