Sin (disobedience) enters the world 
(Genesis Chapter 3)

Read Genesis 3:1-7: Adam & Eve disobey God!  In Genesis 3:8-11 fear & separation (the disease) sets in!  ďItís not my faultĒ Ė Genesis 3:12-13.  Repercussions in Genesis 3:14-19. Death in the Bible means being separated from God.  Itís like a disease in our body.  A disease prevents our body from working the way it was intended to function.  When Adam & Eve disobeyed, Godís creation started to not function as God intended.  Sin is disobedience to Godís word.  The consequence of sin are damaged relationships: 1) Relationships between humans and God suffer; 2) Each individualís worth & self-esteem suffers; 3) Relationships between people suffer; 4) Even our relationship with the environment suffers!

No trespassing, access denied Ė Genesis 3:22-24.  Sometimes what is left out of the Bible is as important as what is in the Bible.  When God created us He allowed us to make decisions.  It only stands to reason that we may not always make the right choice!  Until Genesis 3:21 Adam & Eve still had ready access to the Tree of Life.  If they would have taken responsibility for their wrong choice, repented and ate of the tree of life that God provided, they may have been cured, but evidently they made no attempt.  Adam & Eve did not appreciate the LIFE God had created for them, so God took it away.  When something is taken away, we then start to understand what we are missing!  And how important it is to us!!  Itís a little like a parent grounding (or removing some privileges from) a strong-willed child for several days for willfully disobeying his/her parents.  Remember a 1000 years to us is like a day to God (Psalm 90:4 & 2 Peter 3:8)!

All the rest of the Bible is about the willful disobedience of our ancestors (as well as ourselves) and God's plan to cure us of this disease!!

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