Sixth Seal: Who Can Stand? 
(Revelation 6:12-17)

Sure sounds like nuclear war!!  This will be the end of this world for many people. . .  And many people may be praying that this is the end. . .

The book of Revelation is not over yet, however, and the earth is not likely to disappear at this time. . .  This is a time for prayer!  Pray that God will have mercy and postpone the destruction He had planned. . .


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"...for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened." (Matthew 24:22).  "...false Christs and false prophets will deceive even the elect...."  (Matthew 24:24). 

Addendum November 2007: The History Channel on TV and numerous Internet web sites give December 21 or 22, 2012 as a key date. Only time will tell whether that will be an important date.  Just keep in mind that history is full of key future dates that have turned out to be insignificant.  Regardless, pray for guidance and keep Matthew chapters 24 & 25, Mark chapter 13 & Luke chapter 12 in mind.