Seventh Seal: Silence for Half an Hour 
(Revelation 8:1)

Hopefully God hears the prayers of His people and delays punishment for about half an hour (8:1).  Half an hour to God is like (1000/24/2=) 20.83 years to humankind (Psalm 90:4 & 2 Peter 3:8).  So about half an hour maybe about 21 years.  Learn this lesson...

Even though there is silence in heaven, things may not be pleasant on earth.  First, the after effects of the events during the seals are likely to affect the life and health of nearly every person on earth for many years!  Second, there is a good chance that religious zealots will be blamed for the events during the six seals (see the first & fifth seals).  As a result any Person of Faith maybe considered a religious zealot and heavily persecuted during this period.

Pray that God's people will find the strength to proclaim the good news during this period.  Pray that God's people will be able to see and understand what God is doing for them.  Pray that God will grant His people massive strength, grace and enthusiasm during this period!  Pray that God's people will be responsive to God's call.

See Matthew 24:48-51.  Over Twenty years may seem like a long time.  The faith of many may grow cold.  Remember what happened after the exodus?*


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Keep in mind that in all of recorded human history prior to 1903 it was pure fiction to even dream of humans flying.  After humankind first flew in a heavier than air aircraft in 1903 it took only about 66 years for the first human to walk on the moon in 1969.  Technology is developing much faster today.  It seems quite possible that it may take only about one-third that long (immediately prior to and during the seventh seal) to develop technologies that may seem like science fiction today.

*This is a time for action!  A time to proclaim God's Word to the world.  And a time to prepare for what is to come!  It is not a time to sit back like Hezekiah in 2 Kings 20:19.