Revelation: Transition to a New Era
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Letters to the Churches  

Ephesus: Forsaken First Love 

Smyrna: Do Not Be Afraid...Be Faithful...

Pergamum: You Live Where Satan Has His Throne

Thyatira: You Tolerate That Woman Jezebel

Sardis: You Are Dead In Deeds.  Wake Up! 

Philadelphia: You Have Kept My Word 

Laodicia: Your Deeds Are Lukewarm

The Key of David 

Throne in Heaven 

The Sealed Book 

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 

White Horse: First Seal of the Apocalypse 

Fiery Red Horse: Second Seal of the Apocalypse 

Black Horse: Third Seal of the Apocalypse 

Pale Horse: Fourth Seal of the Apocalypse 

Fifth Seal: How Long Oh Lord? 

Sixth Seal: Who Can Stand? 

144000 Sealed: They Serve God Day And Night 

The Use of Numbers as Symbols in the Bible 

Dates: Historical and Anniversaries

Time: Learn This Lesson. . . 

Seventh Seal: Silence for Half an Hour 


Trumpets: Call God's People to a Place Prepared for Them 


First Trumpet: Hail & Fire Mixed With Blood 

Second Trumpet: Blazing Mountain Thrown Into The Sea 

Third Trumpet: A Great Star Fell From The Sky 

Fourth Trumpet: Light Output Darkened By One-Third 

Eagle Calling Out, "Woe! Woe! Woe!" 

Fifth Trumpet: The Destroyer   

First woe over; two other woes yet to come!

Sixth Trumpet: 200,000,000 Troops Kill a Third of Mankind 

The Open Book: Tasted Sweet But Upset Stomach

The Two Witnesses

The second woe has passed; the third woe is coming soon.

Seventh Trumpet: You Have Begun To Reign

The Harvest 

The Woman And Child 

The Great Dragon Leads The World Astray 

The Beast Out Of The Sea (Leopard Beast) 

The Beast Out Of The Earth (Lamb Beast) 

The Lamb And The 144000 

3 Angels Proclaim: Gospel; Fall Of Babylon; Torment 

The Harvest Of The Earth With A Sharp Sickle 

Destruction Of Disobedience On The Earth 

The Seven Bowls Of God's Wrath 

Babylon, The Great Harlot 

The Fall Of Babylon 


The 1000 Years 

The New Jerusalem 

The New Jerusalem: What Is It? 

Does God Build The New Jerusalem?  

Israel's Role in the New Jerusalem 

Will there be more than one New Jerusalem?  

What Should I Do NOW? 




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