Trumpets: Call God's People to a Place Prepared for Them 
(Revelation 8:2)

If the half hour of 8:1 is about 21 years, there was some time to prepare.  Some insight into the preparation of God's people is outlined in chapters 7, 10, 11:1-12 & 14:1-12.  The Destroyer (9:11) probably was also preparing.  The sixth seal (6:12-17) was devastating, but sounds mild compared to the destruction during the first woe of Trumpets (8:6-9:12) to say nothing of the woes to follow!  

See Matthew 24:31.  There is a good chance that one purpose of the trumpets, in Revelation 8:2 to 9:21, is to call God's people to the place prepared for them!  Some of God's people are to be kept from the hour of trial.  God needs some to stand up to Satan; others may need to be heated up & refined first -- re-read the letters to the churches.


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Even if events in the past seem to fit the outline presented in the book of Revelation, that does not preclude a future series of events following the pattern outlined.  Events tend to repeat -- follow somewhat similar patterns.  Therefore, sometimes it is difficult to determine which events correspond to specific passages in the Bible.  


First Trumpet: Hail & Fire Mixed With Blood 

Second Trumpet: Blazing Mountain Thrown Into The Sea 

Third Trumpet: A Great Star Fell From The Sky 

Fourth Trumpet: Light Output Darkened By One-Third 

Eagle Calling Out, "Woe! Woe! Woe!" 

Fifth Trumpet: The Destroyer   

Sixth Trumpet: 200,000,000 Troops Kill a Third of Mankind 

The Open Book: Tasted Sweet But Upset Stomach

The Two Witnesses

Seventh Trumpet: You Have Begun To Reign