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Old Testament       Click the links below for a brief overview of Books in the Bible.

Creation - Everything Begins with "The Word of God"  Genesis Chapter 1

Harmonious Life is Based on The Word of God  Genesis Chapter 2

Sin (disobedience) enters the world   Genesis Chapter 3

The consequence of sin are damaged relationships: 1) Relationships between humans and God suffer; 2) Each individualís worth & self-esteem suffers; 3) Relationships between people suffer; 4) Even our relationship with the environment suffers!  All the rest of the Bible is about the willful disobedience of our ancestors (as well as ourselves) and God's plan to cure us of this disease!!

Adam to Noah  Genesis Chapters 4 & 5

Time Line from Adam to Abraham, Isaac & Jacob

Noah, the flood and the covenant  Genesis Chapters 6 - 9

Abram "Called to be a Blessing"  Genesis Chapters 11 - 20

Faith of forefathers: Abraham, Isaac & Jacob  Genesis Chapters 21 - 35

Joseph & the move to Egypt  Genesis Chapters 37 - 50

Moses & the exit out of Egypt  Exodus Chapters 1 - 15

Job: When Bad Things Happen To Good People 

Wandering in the desert for 40 years  Exodus Chapters 16 - 40, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy


Joshua: Entering the Promised Land 

Judges: Every Man Did That Which Was Right In His Own Eyes 

1 Samuel: From Judges To Kingdom 

2 Samuel: The Reign of King David 

1 Kings: King Solomon and the Decay of the Kingdom

2 Chronicles: Kings of a Decaying Kingdom

Return From Captivity: Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther 


Proverbs: A Guide to Successful Living

Ecclesiastes: All is Meaningless

Song of Solomon: The Joys of Wedded Love



New Testament

Matthew: The Kingdom of Heaven 

Jesus' New Commandment: Love one another, as I have loved you.  Love causes a person to want to do good and to enthusiastically seek ways to do even better.  

Mark: The Super Human Power of Jesus 

Luke: The Humanity of Jesus 

John: Jesus is God in Human Form 

Acts: God Calls ALL People

Romans: Called to an Obedience That Comes From Faith 

Faith has three parts: 1) Forgiveness clears our conscience of past acts of disobedience & thoughts leading to acts of disobedience; 2) So we can stand before God and seek God's direction going forward; 3) And act according to God's will, even though we may not know where that will lead us!

1 Corinthians: Called to be Holy in ONE Body - The Body of Christ!

2 Corinthians: In Christ We Are A NEW Creation!

Galatians:  We Are FREE. . .To Serve One Another In Love

Ephesians: Life in the Body of Christ

It is God's intent that we all become one - in the Body of Christ.  And that the body be built up...until we attain the full measure of perfection found in Christ!

Philippians: It is God Who Works in You!

Colossians: Christ is Supreme - Be Renewed in His Image

1 & 2 Thessalonians: The Coming of the Lord

1 & 2 Timothy & Titus: Selecting and Equipping Church Leaders 

Philemon: Slave & Master

Hebrews: Jesus Christ is the Fulfillment of the Mosaic System

The intent of law is to help us live in harmony.  It is through faith we are able to spur one another on toward love and good deeds!

James: Faith and Action Work Together

James is writing to people who had accepted the doctrine of Justification by Faith, but were not living right - such faith is no faith at all!  Pray for the faith that makes us whole - complete in the Body of Christ.

1 Peter: Be Prepared to Give the Reason For Your HOPE

2 Peter: Remember!

1 John: If You Live in Christ, You Will Walk as Jesus Did

2 & 3 John: Living According to the Truth 

Jude: God's Grace is NOT a License for Immorality!

It is really tempting to think, "God is a God of Love.  He will forgive me regardless what I do.  Therefore, I'll do what ever I want to do.  Then ask God to forgive me."  That kind of thinking leads to destruction! 

Revelation: All Is Made NEW!

Disobedience has been conquered; harmony has been restored.  All of God's people live with God and have direct communication with God.  

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